Standard Equipment Specification for Inertial Profiler
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials,


The objective of this specification is to define the required attributes of an inertial profiling system (IPS) to measure a longitudinal pavement profile for construction quality control and acceptance. The system shall be able to calculate summary roughness indexes, particularly the International roughness Index (IRI). This specification is designed to apply to both low-speed and high-speed profilers.

The system shall be capable of outputting the profile as a temporary display, a printed record, or a data file.

It is not the intent of this specification to relieve the supplier from the final responsibility to provide an appropriate product for the intended function nor is it intended to specify all the design details. The objective is to provide a sufficiently detailed specification that the function is clearly defined. It is intended to be sufficiently detailed that the data collected from multiple systems will be identical.

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