Standard Specification for Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate for Use as Coarse Aggregate in Hydraulic Cement Concrete, Single User Digital Publication
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2010


This specification covers coarse aggregate derived from reclaimed concrete for use in hydraulic cement concrete. The specification is not intended for use when lightweight, high-density, or other specialty concrete applications are required. When aggregate materials are properly processed and manufactured to the requirements of this specification, combined and mixed in accordance with the appropriate requirements, and placed, consolidated, and cured properly, a concrete structure of acceptable strength and durability can be produced. Introducing reclaimed concrete aggregate into concrete, however, requires the use of quality control and quality assurance procedures to ensure that deleterious materials that might be present in the reclaimed concrete aggregate will not adversely impact the quality of the concrete product.

Best Practice applications for using reclaimed concrete aggregate in concrete shall consist of concrete pavements, cement-treated base courses, sidewalks, median barriers, curbing, and other non-structural applications.

Note – Caution should be exercised if reclaimed concrete aggregate is considered for use in structural applications. The presence of deleterious materials and the variability in the source concrete may produce inconstant volumetric properties and affect the properties of the concrete produced. Two properties of concern include dimensional stability and creep.

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