AASHTO R 59-11 (2019) PDF


Standard Specification for Recovery of Asphalt Binder from Solution by Abson Method (ASTM Designation D 1856-09)
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011


This practice covers the recovery, by the Abson Method, of asphalt binder from a previously conducted extraction with reagent-grade trichloroethylene or reagent-grade methylene chloride. The asphalt binder is recovered with properties substantially the same as those it possessed in the asphalt mixture and in quantity sufficient for further testing.

Trichloroethylene conforming to ASTM D 4080 or technical-grade methylene chloride may be used, but it is recommended that for each new supply of the solvent a “blank” recovery as described in the document, be performed on an asphalt binder of known properties. Certain epoxy resins in some non-reagent-grade solvents may affect the properties of the recovered binder. In case of dipute, reagent grade should be used.

This specification is similar, but not technically identical to, ASTM D 1856-09.

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