AASHTO R 72-16 (2020) PDF


Standard Practice for Match Curing of Concrete Test Specimens
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2016


AASHTO R 72-16 (2020) covers procedures for making and curing cylindrical concrete specimens at the same temperature as that measured in a concrete member.

The concrete sample used to make the specimens shall be taken from the concrete being placed in the same member where the temperature is to be measured.

This procedure can be deployed with confidence for both air chamber and insulated jacket (Surecure) systems and for both molded cylinders with nominal diameter to height dimensions of 100 by 200 mm (4 by 8 in.) or 150 by 300 mm (6 by 12 in.). However, users should be watchful of Type I error for air chamber systems and Type II error with insulated jacket mold systems. A Type I error represents the situation where loss of temperature control occurs over only a portion of the entire match-cure duration where control is later regained. A Type II error represents the situation where a constant level of temperature control error occurs during the entire match-cure duration.

This standard was formerly designated as provisional standard PP 54.

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