AASHTO T 213M/T 213-11 (2019) PDF


Standard Method of Test for Mass [Weight] of Coating on Aluminum-Coated Iron or Steel Articles [ASTM Designation: A 428/A 428M-10]
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011


AASHTO T 213M/T 213-11 (2019) covers procedures for determining the mass [weight] of coating on aluminum-coated iron or steel sheets and wire, and on other aluminum-coated iron and steel articles.

For sheet products, the final results are expressed as either coating mass [weight] total both sides, or coating mass [weight] separately on each side, depending on the specified requirements.

Current regulation codes and hazard classifications for chemicals used in this test method are listed in R 16.

This test is identical to ASTM A 428/A 428 M-10 except for inch-pound units, rather than SI units, shown in brackets; the addition of Section 1.5; and the additional requirement at the end of Section 8.1.

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